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Kali_Slytherin setting milestone in Indian EDM Industry – “Absurd” new track

Once EDM music was called in india as A rootless, dehumanised, micro-capitalist genre but now things changed, now a days every music festivals in the country filled with tens and thousands of people, people need escape, they understand the genre very well, they very much know how to react to the music.  during last year 60 of the world’s top 100 DJs (according to DJ Mag ) have toured India, charlottedewitte performed in goa Belgian DJ the top EDM DJ in the whole world, and it’s hard not to think that the country is having a bit of an EDM moment. Dropping his 12th Single, Sticking to the Genre he liked the most and setting a milestone in Indian EDM Industry

About Absurd

“Absurd” Out Aug 18 World wide Pre-order link

During the month of July I was hospitalized due some health reasons, during those times I have nothing to do other than taking good rest then I come up with this baseline and It felt really good to me also to my family as well. then I developed it step by step and to go for an Independent release.

Why Techno ?

I don’t know, Techno choose me, I was always passionate about music since young age and Inspired by Charlottedewitte Liquid slow EP that has become the point of beginning. Then I try to understand the genre and start exploring more and I felt in love with techno music. – Kali surmised!!

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