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We have to convince our members that SEPC has relevance beyond SEIS: Karan Rathore
Karan Rathore, Director of Hotel Umaid Haveli, who got elected into the SEPC Board a few months back as the representative of the Hotel and Hospitality Services segment, will play a bigger role in the important export council under the Ministry of Commerce as its Vice Chairman.

Rathore got elected with a huge margin against four other contestants at the election which was held through e-voting on October 25. “I feel really honoured as I take charge as Vice Chairman of SEPC tomorrow. My priority will be to convince the service exporters the relevance of SEPC beyond SEIS,” Rathore said in an interaction with ET HospitalityWorld.

He said that the Council organises a lot of promotional activities, master classes, educational seminars, etc., aimed at sensitising the stakeholders in the services sector. “Tourism has a phenomenal future in this country,” Rathore said, comparing India with other countries in the region. He said that his effort would be to gather data about tourism’s potential as a sector in terms of foreign exchange earnings, employment generation, inclusive growth, etc., and make convincing proposals for right kind of support system from the government for the sector.

FAITH also highlighted the plight and situation of the tourism and hospitality sector has been continuously communicated to both central and various state governments, which the KV Kamath report has also acknowledged.

“We cannot afford to leave everything for the Chairman to do. Everybody in the board has to contribute to make right proposals,” he said.

Rathore believes that there is so much the SEPC can pursue even if the SEIS benefits are stopped. “We cannot question the government policies,” he said. However, he said that the Council should strive for other benefits which the government offer to the manufacturing sector like tax/duty reimbursements.

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