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Large Luxury SUV Comparison: BMW X7 Vs. Range Rover

BMW charges around $75,000 for the xDrive 40i, before options. The M50i comes in at just under six figures. That makes it the affordable option between the two, which seems ridiculous. When last was a BMW a bargain? Land Rover is charging $104,000 for the base SE with the turbocharged six with mild-hybrid assist. You do get seven seats as standard, however. Still, the entry-level Range Rover is more expensive than the top-spec Bimmer.

If you want V8 power with all the goodies, the Autobiography costs $152,000, while the First Edition begins at $158,200. Suddenly, the X7 looks like a winner, but it’s not as easy as that. You see, the X7 is BMW’s first attempt at building a luxury barge. It’s excellent, but not Range Rover excellent. It has no history. The Range Rover comes with a prestigious badge 51 years in the making.

Looking at the two on paper, the Range Rover seems like the obvious choice. Finally, getting behind the wheel might deliver a different verdict, however.

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