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Martron Drops Fresh Bass Twist On Niiko X SWAE’s Eeny Meeny

Martron’s twist on Niiko X SWAE’s “Eeny Meeny,” takes an already tasty trap song and makes it exquisite. The artist clearly sensed a side of the sound that had not been brought out yet and made the magic happen. Martron’s version adds a bit more melody and eased groove to the pallet, while still holding on to the trap and bass roots of it all which is at it’s core. The remix works across a variety of scenerios and activities – whether it be when you’re ready to go hard at the club, ankle-deep in mud at a festival, or hitting your daily peak at the gym – this remix would improve the situation across the board.

Martron has had plenty of experience putting in the work with both remixes and originals, his streaming channels showcase both of just this. For example, his alias has amassed 724K streams on SoundCloud and over 407K streams on Spotify. On top of this, Martron has had music supported by Nervo and NGHTMRE, has been invited by Dash Radio and Lizzy Jane’s Mix Series “XO Radio” to do mixes on their show, and indicates no sign of slowing down as we begin to lean into the new year.

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