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Mercedes Is Hunting Bentley And Aston With New Bespoke Division

For paint, Mercedes MANUFAKTUR will offer several signature paint finishes including matte, metallic or non-metallic, some of which are from the company’s history. Graphite Grey, which went out in the early ’60s, is the one you usually see on the 300 SL Gullwing and will be available. Graphite Metallic and Olive Metallic came in the ’80s and will be offered again, as will China Blue, which graced the E-Class in the 1990s. Cote d’Azur Light Blue Metallic is exclusive to the CLS while matte finishes include Cashmere White Magno, Kalahari Gold Magno, and Night Black Magno.

Inside these vehicles will be just as special with contrasting colors like MANUFAKTUR Deep White/Black Exclusive Nappa, Pastel Yellow/Black Exclusive Nappa, which was available for the S-Class until 2012, Nut Brown/Black, Truffle Brown/Black or Yacht Blue/Blac. To be sure, these are just some examples, there are plenty more options to spec, as long as it’s not endangered.

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