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Met Life Takeover: Dolphins Fans Invade Met Life Stadium to Watch New York Jets Lose

There are three things a Miami Dolphins fan can count on in life: death, taxes, and the incomparable feeling of beating the New York Jets. Sunday’s 24-17 win over Miami’s longtime, most-hated rival proved once again that no matter how bleak things may seem the feeling of seeing the J-E-T-S L-O-S-E never gets old.

Every season, thousands of Miami Dolphins fans invade Met Life Stadium — 1,267 miles away from the Hard Rock in the Meadowlands of East Rutherford, New Jersey — to root for their team. At this point, it’s the Dolphins’ second home.

Rather than break down what was a far-from-impressive win over a bad Jets team, let’s take a moment to appreciate the fans that live or traveled to New Jersey for the annual #MetLifeTakeover.

The Dolphins are a 4-7 team, but witnessing these diehards’ support, you’d think they’re on their way to the Super Bowl.

These were all taken in your house, New York Jets. The Dolphins may be terrible, but never as terrible as you!

It’s kind of amazing. The Miami Dolphins have won three games in a row. There’s even a slim chance they could sneak into the playoffs if they’re able to win four or all five of their remaining games. That said, there’s probably just as good a chance that your Thanksgiving turkey gets up and runs away to freedom.

Next Sunday the Dolphins host the Carolina Panthers to try to stretch their winning streak to four. 

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