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Miami Dolphins Players’ Five Greatest Dance Moves

Now that the Miami Dolphins have been eliminated from the playoffs and subsequently fired their head coach, it’s high time New Times ranked the players’ best dance moves from the 2021-22 season.

What? Would you rather talk about how they played? How about who will be the next coach? Hard pass.

While this season, like all the other seasons in most of our memories, was lost to mediocrity, the squad did incorporate some pretty sweet choreography on the field.

Admittedly, watching Dolphins players have fun is more memorable because it almost never happens. So without further ado, we present the five best dance moves from the Dolphins this past season. These moves were so good they almost outshone the players’ performance when the clock was running.

Jevon Holland’s TikTok Dance

After catching the ball all way down the field in a game against the Baltimore Ravens, Miami Dolphins safety Jevon Holland is said, according to the YouTube video above, to have performed a TikTok dance. The video above also calls him “Jevon Hollins,” so it’s quite possible we are not dealing with the most reputable source. But Holland certainly shimmies a lil’ to the right, and then a lil’ to the left.

Jevon Holland is a lot of fun! (Note: Mack Hollins is a different person. To clear up any confusion, see below.)

Mack Hollins Hits the Griddy

Meet Mack Hollins: a wide receiver for the Miami Dolphins! He may be an NFL player, but anyone who watched every Dolphins game this season can vouch that he’s also an expert on performing a popular dance called the Griddy.

Mack Hollins is a fan favorite and, to be honest, saved Dolphins fans from a deep depression many times this season with his antics. Even when they were losing, Hollins seemed to be having fun. That’s usually really annoying, but for some reason we’re OK with it!

Tua Tagovailoa Attempts to Smeeze

Say what you want about the Miami Dolphins quarterback, but nobody can deny he’s an utterly delightful human. He’s genuinely relatable, and that includes having zero rhythm whatsoever. Just like us!

In the video above, Tua Tagovailoa breaks down how former Alabama teammate and current Pittsburgh Steelers running back Najee Harris taught him how to Smeeze in college. But it wasn’t until his second season with the Dolphins did he decide to show off his moves. 

Waddle Waddles

IYKYK. It took almost his entire rookie season, but Dolphins wide receiver Jaylen Waddle finally embraced what so many fans and teammates had been clamoring for: a penguin dance celebration. Luckily Waddle scored multiple times toward the end of the season, offering the world a glimpse of his “waddle.”

This is one move we hope to see for years to come, as it’s a move that will undeniably stand the test of time. Penguins don’t go out of style. They do not rely on TikTok algorithms or social-media challenges to stay relevant. This will be as fun to watch in 2031 as it was in 2021.

Christian Wilkins Does the Worm and Break Dances

When you’re a 315-pound guy in the NFL, scoring a touchdown is a rarity. When you’re a 315-pound guy in the NFL who plays defense, scoring a touchdown would be a downright miracle. When you’re a 315-pound guy in the NFL who plays defense and somehow scores a touchdown when your team’s offense is on the field, well, that calls for a celebration so grand it seems to defy the laws of physics.

Defensive end Christian Wilkins has a history of showing off great dance moves, but what he choreographed after catching a touchdown pass against the Jets this season makes him a strong contender for Dancing With the Stars: He dropped to the ground, wriggled like a worm, spun around onto his shoulders and landed in a pose fit for a breakdancing competition. It was truly unforgettable — and the best dance move of the season.

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