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Miami’s Best Christmas Treats 2021

Christmas treats are a great way to spread cheer over the holidays. Sweet confections — cookies, cakes, candy — make celebrations even more flavorful. 

Whether you’re hosting a party or attending one as a guest, the ten Christmas treats listed below in alphabetical order are the best to share over the holiday.

click to enlarge Boozy holiday ice cream by Aubi & Ramsa - PHOTO COURTESY OF AUBI & RAMSA

Boozy holiday ice cream by Aubi & Ramsa

Photo courtesy of Aubi & Ramsa

Aubi & Ramsa

172 NE 41st St., Miami

Treat your guests and loved ones to Aubi & Ramsa’s special boozy ice cream this Christmas. The “Holiday Cheers” ice cream is laced with Don Papa rum and combines a blend of vanilla, nutmeg, and a touch of cinnamon. It is sold by the pint (16 ounces) for $22. Order through the store. Available for pickup and delivery.

click to enlarge Holiday gummy tubes by Board Love Miami - PHOTO COURTESY OF BOARD LOVE MIAMI

Holiday gummy tubes by Board Love Miami

Photo courtesy of Board Love Miami

Board Love Miami

9350 S. Dixie Hwy., Miami

Candy boards make for a great holiday treat to children and adults alike. Board Love Miami is featuring medium to large options that combinie mixed wrapped and loose candy ($75 to $125). Holiday gummy tubes are also a hit, sold with a minimum order of three tubes ($8 each). Orders must be placed by December 17 for delivery, local shipping, or pickup by December 24th.

click to enlarge Holiday mini cakes by Cakeology by Erika - PHOTO COURTESY OF CAKEOLOGY BY ERIKA

Holiday mini cakes by Cakeology by Erika

Photo courtesy of Cakeology by Erika

Cakeology by Erika

802 SW 27th Rd., Miami

For Christmas, Cakeology is whipping up special mini cakes in flavors such as almond garrapiñado, chocolate, dulce de leche marble cake, carrot, and pumpkin and pecan ($18 to $42). Brownies and jarred cakes are also on the menu. Order via Instagram @cakeology_byerika.

click to enlarge The "Holiday Cheer" by Eat Me Guilt Free - PHOTO COURTESY OF EAT ME GUILT FREE

The “Holiday Cheer” by Eat Me Guilt Free

Photo courtesy of Eat Me Guilt Free

Eat Me Guilt Free

Delivery only

Eat Me Guilt Free is showcasing “The Holiday Cheer,” a limited-edition holiday brownie made with white chocolate chips and coated in green and red sprinkles ($38 for a pack of 12). The protein-packed seasonal brownie is available for purchase through December 31. From December 17 through December 19, the shop will offer a buy one, get one free promotion. Orders must be placed online.

click to enlarge Cookie sampler by Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop - PHOTO COURTESY OF FIREMAN DEREK’S BAKE SHOP

Cookie sampler by Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop

Photo courtesy of Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop

Fireman Derek’s Bake Shop

2545 N. Miami Ave., Miami
3435 Main Hwy., Miami

Sweeten your holiday season with Derek Kaplan’s special dessert offerings. His bakery has customized a six-slice pie sampler ($38), along with a ten-slice cake sampler ($72), a 12-cookie assortment ($39), and a 16-bite-sized-brownie feast, with flavors such as turtle brownie, s’mores brownie, and magic bar ($24). Larger quantities are available upon request. Order by calling the bakery.

click to enlarge Garcia Nevett Chocolatier's chocolate assortment - PHOTO BY ALEX BEKER

Garcia Nevett Chocolatier’s chocolate assortment

Photo by Alex Beker

Garcia Nevett Chocolatier

7312 72nd Ave., Miami

For Christmas, Garcia Nevett is offering a large deluxe box with an assortment of 25 chocolates ($52). A signature fudge dark chocolate cake with sea salt on top for six to eight guests is also available ($35), along with a pack of six chocolate chip or flourless fudge cookies for $18. Orders can be placed online. Next-day delivery in Miami costs $10; same-day delivery costs $25. Orders must be placed by December 20 for Christmas.

click to enlarge Buñuelos at La Farandula - PHOTO COURTESY OF LA FARANDULA

Buñuelos at La Farandula

Photo courtesy of La Farandula

La Farandula Colombian Bistro

2699 Biscayne Blvd., Miami

Buñuelos are a traditional savory Colombian holiday treat, cheesy and bite-sized, made of corn flour and mashed cassava rolled with costeño white cheese. La Farandula is selling them for $3 each and can make customizable boxes for a gathering of any size. Orders can be placed via the eatery’s website.

click to enlarge Mini bundt cakes by Mo's Bundt Cakes - PHOTO COURTESY OF MO'S BUNDT CAKES

Mini bundt cakes by Mo’s Bundt Cakes

Photo courtesy of Mo’s Bundt Cakes

Mo’s Bundt Cakes

Delivery only

Mo’s mini bundt cakes are arranged in boxes of six ($39.50) or twelve bundts ($77) and the four-inch personal size is also sold in individual gift boxes that can be customized. Best flavors to indulge in are Nutella, dulce de leche, cinnamon, and guava. Order online or by calling the bakery.

click to enlarge Oh My Gosh Brigadeiros is offering a special holiday pannetone. - PHOTO COURTESY OF OH MY GOSH BRIGADEIROS

Oh My Gosh Brigadeiros is offering a special holiday pannetone.

Photo courtesy of Oh My Gosh Brigadeiros

Oh My Gosh Brigadeiros

2205 SW 23rd Ave., Miami

6912 Biscayne Blvd., Miami

Oh My Gosh Brigadeiros’s panettone (Italian sweet bread) comes filled with Nutella or brigadeiro and serves four to six people ($38). Available for preorder (pickup or delivery) until sold out.

click to enlarge A bûche de Noël from Rochelle Who Bakes. - PHOTO COURTESY OF ROCHELLE WHO BAKES

A bûche de Noël from Rochelle Who Bakes.

Photo courtesy of Rochelle Who Bakes

Rochelle Who Bakes

Delivery only

Rochelle Perez has created a special bûche de Noël, a delicate chocolate sponge cake roll filled with one of three different cream filling flavors: vanilla, chocolate hazelnut, or dulce de leche. The dessert is then glazed in dark chocolate and garnished with vanilla meringue mushrooms. A 12-inch log can be cut into eight to ten slices ($40). Another option is the tower of caramel-dipped profiteroles, filled with a light vanilla or chocolate cream surrounded by spun sugar ($30). Orders must be placed online through my website The order deadline for deliveries is December 19.

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