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Money come’s when you use this! Donald Trump’s 7 Rule for success

#1 Don’t do it for the Money

He once said, I like the game, I like the money but I don’t do things just only for money, I do things because I enjoy doing, that will sometime open up a pathway to more money than you would have been just behind the money

#2 Never give up

Never ever give up, you can change, you can move around but never ever give up. I know people that are very smart they went to the fordham school of finance with me, and I know that the other people aren’t smart and those people are the top people in the industry today, they just the tougher they didn’t give and the smart one will have everything in their plates, they always coming with A+ and everything else but when they ran into a problems they don’t know how to do how to solve the problem. so never every give up

#3 Be into the details

You gotta be into the detail because if you are not they will come back to haunt you! So often times life is in a details, well! business also in the details so you have to handle it very careful, you need to watch the data and analyze it, because if you don’t do it carefully, you will loose those details

#4 Be totally focused

You can’t take the eyes of the ball, when I have the trouble in the early 90’s a Major article came out and they said everything he touches turns into a gold and I believed it. So I go out with models at night instead of working, and that wasn’t good and I remember I have a big lease coming up! and there was a big show and I wanted to show and I said don’t worry fellows you can handle it! when I came back they ain’t get it done. It was a test, can you handle pressure? so be totally focused

#5 Get great employees

The worst employee is a good employee, A bad employee is fine because you gonna fire that person right away, A great employee is phenomenal you want to keep them and cherish them because they are fantastic. A good employee you never sort of fire him and they never lead you to the next level. They just keep their job,

#6 Work hard

gary player the golfer, is the great golfer, he was little guy, very little but he worked very hard really hard and gave the great statement “The harder I work the more luck I get” and wins the US open. the media asked him, how Gary how do you feel how you did it and he said I’ve been working hard and I thought It is an amazing statement

#7 Follow your instinct

Sometimes to be successful in life, often times, most of the times, you have to follow your instincts, you have to follow your guts, you have to, people will say wrong but you have to.

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