Montegrappa Harry Potter Hogwarts Limited Edition: Revisiting Magic

Montegrappa is revisiting Harry Potter in a new limited edition pen aptly named Harry Potter: Hogwarts L.E. The collection comprises a fountain pen and a rollerball, each honoring the world’s most famous fictional school of witchcraft and wizardry as found in the world-renowned Harry Potter series of books by British author J. K. Rowling.

Montegrappa Harry Potter Hogwarts L.E. fountain pen in silver

The pens follow 2020’s open edition by Montegrappa, the Harry Potter House Colors collection, which includes five pens commemorating Hogwarts’ rival student houses and their mascots: Ravenclaw (eagle), Hufflepuff (badger), Slytherin (snake), and Gryffindor (lion). The fifth pen bears the Hogwarts crest atop a mosaic of the four mascots.

“Ever since the introduction of the Harry Potter books and films, we have been dreaming of realizing this project,” Montegrappa CEO Giuseppe Aquila explains the new limited edition, produced in partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products. “Minds that love exploring new worlds are very often the same ones that love creating with pen and paper.”

Montegrappa Harry Potter Hogwarts L.E. in silver

Many sides of Montegrappa

Montegrappa is well known for its métiers d’art, which highlight a variety of decorative techniques performed by hand by master artisans at its pen atelier in Bassano del Grappa. In my opinion, the company’s pens have only grown more refined over the years as the subject matter has found increased focus within various well-defined collections.

For example, 2021’s David Bowie: Blackstar from its Icons series and the Dante Alighieri: Inferno from the Divina Commedia collection may seem disparate in their subject matter, but each draws attention to an important aspect of our culture. And each is also a beautiful example of just what Montegrappa can do when it applies its imagination to a pen.

The David Bowie: Blackstar limited edition showcases intricate micro engraving on a resin body in homage to Bowie’s well-known Blackstar album sleeve, and ruthenium-plated trim on the pen confirms its sleek, modern look.

The Dante Alighieri, in contrast, was created using the ancient art of lost wax casting – a technique Montegrappa knows well – along with enameling and strategically placed bands of flame-colored resin.

Montegrappa Harry Potter Hogwarts L.E. in case

Harry Potter: Hogwarts

The Harry Potter: Hogwarts clearly falls into the category of popular culture, but the techniques used to create the fountain and rollerball pens reach into Montegrappa’s playbook of finely honed classic techniques available to only a few pen makers today. I think this mixing up of themes, art forms, and timelines imbues the pen with a near-magical touch that emphasizes what Harry Potter is all about.

Montegrappa Harry Potter Hogwarts L.E. rollerball in gold

The red cabochon on the cap crown of the sterling silver pen (there’s also an 18-karat gold version) references the first book in Rowling’s series: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Like the 2021 collection, the Hogwarts School is the inspiration for the design and its coat of arms is recreated in vermeil on the barrel using lost wax casting.

Montegrappa Harry Potter Hogwarts L.E. fountain pen in silver

Colorful enamel panels evoke the rival houses at the school, while engraved banners encircling the blind cap share their mottos. The silver spring-loaded pocket clip is plated in yellow gold on the sterling silver variation.

There are just 142 fountain pens and the same number of rollerball pens in the sterling silver edition, the number a reference to Hogwart’s 142 staircases. There are seven 18-karat yellow gold fountain pens representing the school’s seven floors and four rollerballs symbolizing the school’s four houses.

Montegrappa Harry Potter Hogwarts L.E. fountain pen in silver

The fountain pens are piston filled and fitted with 18-karat gold nibs.

Both versions offer space on the cap for engraving a name, initials, or maybe even a spell.

For more information, please visit–hogwarts.

Quick Facts Montegrappa Harry Potter: Hogwarts L.E.
Editions: fountain pen, rollerball
Nib: 14-karat gold
Cap and barrel: black resin, sterling silver, enamel; black resin, 18-karat gold, enamel
Limitation: 142 fountain pens and rollerball pens (sterling silver edition); seven fountain pens and four rollerball pens (gold edition)
Price: $4,650 (sterling silver fountain pen); $3,995 (sterling silver rollerball pen); 18-karat gold pens (contact for pricing)

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