Mumbai: Fish, tortoises, ducks and swans to breathe easy with water filter plant in Joggers Park | TOI Original

May 13, 2022, 03:21PM ISTSource: TOI.in

To let fish and a few other aquatic creatures breathe easy, a plan to install a water filtration plant is on the cards at Joggers Park in Bandra. Joggers Park, a popular seaside public open space, has an open water pond with fish, tortoises, ducks and swans. Until now, BMC had to routinely move these creatures to clean the pond as the water would get stagnated and algae would get formed in the absence of any mechanism for the water to churn. Now, BMC’s garden department is in the process of installing a water filtration plant that will churn the water and ensure that oxygen is created. It will mean that there would be no need to empty the pond and clean it every fortnight. Local residents praised the initiative saying that this would mean that the several thousand litres of water would not be wasted.

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