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New Audi Windscreen Turns Your Car Into A Cinema

This self-luminous screen is bent or folded at an angle of fewer than 180 degrees for one viewing angle and over that number for another angle. Whichever angle you’re viewing from, a shielding unit can block light. What this could mean is that the driver could have a much more advanced version of today’s typical head-up display while the passenger could watch a film or other media on a full screen. The position of the viewer in the car would determine what that person sees, so neither the driver nor the passenger is distracted by what the other individual is watching. This could make journeys much more enjoyable for passengers and much more informative for drivers. When autonomous vehicles arrive, as foreshadowed by the likes of Audi’s Grandsphere concept, all occupants could take advantage of in-car entertainment on a previously unseen scale.

If this invention is pursued, it’ll likely only arrive in at least a decade, so don’t expect to see it on the next Audi A8.

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