New Bovet Watches At Geneva Watch Days 2021 (Video)

In this video, The Watches TV’s Marc André Deschoux goes through Bovet’s latest watches, which we saw in person during Geneva Watch Days 2021. These new watches include the beautiful new turquoise collection featuring the 19Thirty, the Récital 23, the Récital 27 triple time zone, and the Monsieur Bovet.

Bovet 19Thirty turquoise

Additionally, The Watches TV team filmed the Virtuoso VIII Chapter Two Reimagined in pink gold – which was also introduced with new DLC-coated cases with Super-LumiNova dials. Additionally, Deschoux has the scoop on a somewhat smaller and more colorful Récital 26 Brainstorm Chapter Two.

Bovet Miss Audrey Sweet Art

Finally, seven variations of the sugar-crystal dials of the Miss Audrey Sweet Art were on display for Deschoux and his team to capture. What beauty!

The video ends with footage of the beautiful new Battista Pininfarina, the hypercar recently introduced by Bovet’s automotive partner.

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