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No Playoffs: Miami Dolphins’ Loss Ends Winning Streak, Postseason

The Miami Dolphins followed a seven-game losing streak with a seven-game winning streak — the first such occurrence in NFL history. It was a comeback like no other for any team, but especially for the Dolphins.

But on Sunday, the Dolphins returned to their usual antics, accomplishing something that they’ve done for decades: poop their pants in a big game. Miami’s 34-3 loss to the Tennessee Titans didn’t just end their winning streak but their postseason pursuit too.

The universe is now back in balance. You’re welcome, NASA.

After turning 1-7 to 8-7, Miami had an inside track to a Wild Card spot in the NFL playoffs. A win in Tenessee yesterday would have meant they controlled their own destiny heading into the season finale against New England.

Instead, it’s a wrap. The Dolphins have been eliminated from the playoffs, having gone from zero to hero and back to zero. 

If you’re looking for a valid reason to put off your New Year’s resolution of drinking less in 2022 for one more week, Miami hosts the AFC East-leading New England Patriots in the season finale next weekend at Hard Rock Stadium.

Come out and celebrate the end of one of the weirdest, most annoying Dolphins seasons of all time. 

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