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Oeksound Soothe2 Black Friday Sale 2021

Dynamic resonance suppressor AU/VST Plugin

This renewed version of Oeksound’s first release took modern audio processing to another level. Soothe2 is specialized in improving sound design through its resonance suppressing engine. Its engine automatically detects problematic resonances and applies the right volume changes. Fine-tune the incoming signal by using the large visualizer as an EQ. Use up to 6 EQ points and change them into a low shelf, bell, band shelf, high shelf, band reject, tilt, low pass, or high pass. Control the frequency, volume, Q, balance per point and use the listen function to focus on that frequency point. Soothe2 only applies volume enhancements where needed without affecting the rest of the sound source. The attack and release speed of the volume reduction can be controlled, as well as the depth, sharpness, selectivity, soft knee, hard knee, overall balance, sidechain, and the stereo width. There are over 115 presets and are suitable for guitars, drums, basses, vocals, synths, piano, orchestral, and even mastering.


Black Friday Deal:  There are currently no Black Friday deals on Oeksound Soothe2

Price: $258.42


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