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Over 250 Private Alcohol Shops to be Shut for 45 Days from October; Know More

The national capital, just ahead of a festive season is set to witness the liquor shortage as all private liquor shops/vendors are shutting down their store till November. This is happening because of the Delhi government’s new liquor policy. In the backdrop of festival, liquor association head also warned the government that this action might lead to black marketing and hoarding of liquor. And the association head also requested the government to ensure the smooth and sufficient supply of liquor. How this policy brings in a wave of transformation for the customer experience, that is something one we will have to wait and watch but one thing that one is having surety of that this move will change the face of liquor industry in Delhi.

So here is a list of 10 things that we need to know about Delhi’s new liquor rule:

1. Under the new liquor policy, the government has received 215 bids for retail vends in 32 zones across the city, the retail liquor sale licenses have already been allocated to the highest bidders in 32 zones, each having around 10 wards and 27 liquor vendors.

2. The Delhi Excise Policy, 2021 mandates the government’s exit from the liquor business in an attempt to shore up liquor availability, customer experience, service and eradicate brand suppression.

3. According to Excise Dept, Zone 28 covering areas such as Dwarka-A, Deoli, Bhajanpura, Kardampuri and Quraish Nagar, had the highest bid at Rs 357 crore.

4. In terms of profit earned by the government against the base price, Zone 32, which is the airport zone, topped the list as it went for Rs 235 crore against the reserve price of Rs 105 crore — about 124 per cent higher than the reserve price.

5. Due to this new policy, 276 liquor stores which are privately run will be shut from, October 1 to November 16. However, a sigh of relief amid the chaos is that 573 liquor stores that are run by the government will stay open and will ensure smooth supply of liquor in the national capital.

6. Unlike older policy, in which vendor was not allowed to give any discount, rebate on the MRP, the new policy will leave onto the licensee to decide on these matters. Hence, under new policy customers would be able to get discounts, rebates etc.

7. The policy also intends to provide a good experience to liquor buyer, so it mandates that every vend shall provide a walk-in experience and be designed accordingly. The policy mentions specific features of the stores like it should have closed glass doors and should be air-conditioned and well lit. The policy will enhance the customer experience.

8. New Liquor policy is not only customer centric, in fact, it will be fill the cofers of the government. And throwing light on this, Deputy CM of Delhi said that the city government is expected to earn around Rs 10,000 crore in a year from bidding of liquor shops with the implementation of new liquor policy.

9. The policy may rationalize the prices of liquor. This will be decided comparing the prices in adjoining states, so the policy, in order to prevent smuggling, will have a competitive prices of liquor in the national capital.

10. Keeping in mind the festive season which is just around the corner, Delhi government has passed instruction to all government run liquor shops to maintain adequate supply of the liquor.

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