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Over 5,600 ‘offences against State’ in 2020, cases dip 27% | India News

NEW DELHI: As many as 5,613 cases relating to ‘offences against the State’, in which a total 7,607 persons were arrested, were registered across the country in 2020. This marks a sharp 26.7% fall from the 7,656 such offences recorded in 2019, in which a total 12,140 persons were arrested.
The head ‘offences against the State’ included in the NCRB annual report on ‘Crime in India’ covers cases registered under IPC Sections 121-123, 124A (sedition) and 153B (imputation and assertions prejudicial to national integration), Unlawful Activities Prevention Act, Official Secrets Act and Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act.
Of the 5,613 offences against the State reported nationwide in 2020, 4,524 were under Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act, 796 under UAPA, 99 under Section 121-123 of IPC, 82 under Section 153B of IPC, 73 under Section 124A of IPC, and 39 under Official Secrets Act.
Uttar Pradesh accounted for 39% of the all-India ‘offences against the State’. Also, 96% of the ‘offences against the State’ recorded by UP last year were under the Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act.
Among the other states that reported a significant number of ‘offences against the State’ were Tamil Nadu (668), Assam (333), J&K (317) and Delhi (18).
Of the 796 UAPA cases registered in the country in 2020, the maximum were in J&K (287), followed by Manipur (169), Jharkhand (86), Assam (76) and UP (72). Sedition cases were highest in Manipur (15) and Assam (12), followed by UP (7). Maharashtra topped the chart by recording almost one-fourth of the countrywide cases under OSA.
As many as 7,607 persons were arrested for ‘offences against the State’, 956 persons were convicted, 54 were discharged and 1,282 acquitted.
A total 6,009 persons were arrested under Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act, 1,321 under UAPA (up from 1,226 in 2019), 44 for sedition and 52 under OSA. While 80 persons were convicted under UAPA, 116 were acquitted and eight discharged by the courts. Three persons were convicted for sedition and four acquitted. One person each was convicted and acquitted under OSA.

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