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Physical therapy in Belgrade Serbia

Physical therapists are experts who improve patient mobility through special exercise. Physical therapists treat patients of all ages. From small kids to old people. You might be wondering why foreigners and locals from abroad choose Belgrade. If you are able to catch a plane do so. Rexab in Belgrade Serbia is the good choice. Out here you will find professional clinics for Physical therapy. There are around 4 millions Serbians living around the world. Most of the insurances abroad do not cover rehabilitation. Prices to go through rehabilitation in the Western World are not possible for the most of the middle class families. Choosing Belgrade is the right decision. You have to make sure that you end up in the right hands. Check at the top of our page for Physical therapy recommendations.


Is Physical Therapy same as Physiotherapy?


Physiotherapy is done by specially trained practitioners called Physiotherapists. Don’t get confused. Physical Therapy and Physiotherapy are the same thing with slightly different names. Americans call it Physiotherapy while Europeans mostly use the term Physical Therapy.



Physical therapy in Belgrade

Find professionals! Choose the right Clinic for Physical therapy in Belgrade.


How to know do you need a Physiotherapy?


Physiotherapy will improve your physical activity while helping you to have better quality life. Teaching you how to deal with issues. Teaching you the correct movements. But how to know when is the time to visit a Physiotherapist?


  • Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain



  • Brain and Nervus System mostly occurred from Stroke


  • Blood Circulation. After a heart attack


  • Breathing can be connected with COPD



Why to Visit a Physiotherapist?


Chronic pain and range of motion. People belief that stiffness and limited mobility are normal parts of ageing. They are wrong. These issues comes from style of living. Siting in front of your lap top for years. Using car to go everywhere. Low quality food and not enough movement will bring you directly to the Physiotherapist. Why to Visit one? Physiotherapist will use well proven exercises for your body’s joints and soft tissues. Ranges of motion with gradually stretching your muscles to expand those ranges and achieve better mobility. You can come to results over a period of time. Don’t expect the miracle overnight. Follow the advices and do Home Exercises as well.



Free time in Belgrade


Belgrade is the fun city. Much things to do. During your rehabilitation in Belgrade. First thing after finding the Right Clinic for Physiotherapy is to find the place to stay. We explained pros and cons of each Area in the city. Click here to find out Where to stay in Belgrade. Transportation in Belgrade is another thing. Check what we have put together about Taxi in Belgrade. Serbian Food is tasty. Restaurants are amazing. BARS are always crowded with young people mingling around. Overall Belgrade is famous for its hospitality. City is safe during the day and night. If you need any further assistance make sure to whats app us.


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