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Interview with Furniture CEO and Workplace Trend-Setter Dave Adams

Many of today’s home-based entrepreneurs put so much of their time and effort into building and maintaining their company that they overlook one crucial business detail: the actual office space they work in. Added to that, with the pandemic driving many employees—some for the first time—to a work-from-home situation, there are many households with more than one person working from home; creating more need for workspace in the home than ever before.

This all begs the question: “How can your home office space increase your productivity and actually allow you to work better?” To answer this, Richard “Cap’t” Henderson interviews Dave Adams, Vice President at BDI (, a leading manufacturer of contemporary, design-focused furniture for home office and entertainment spaces.

Items discussed in podcast include:

  • How Dave Adams developed his passion for office organization
  • Why has a home office become more important than ever?
  • What are some of the significant changes in office furniture since the pandemic hit?
  • How has the transition to working from home for so many new home-workers affected how we build a home office space?
  • What are some of the key things to consider for a new office or office make-over?
  • How do you factor in ergonomics when buying office furniture?
  • How do you create a professional virtual office for interactions via Zoom or another online meeting platform?

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Interview with Furniture CEO and Workplace Trend-Setter Dave Adams














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