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Qantas Buys 12 Airbus To Open World’s Longest Non-Stop Air Route

Qantas Airways has given the go ahead on ‘Project Sunrise’, an immense plan to buy 12 Airbus A350-1000s that are capable of traveling from Australia to any city in the world, non-stop.

The plan, as reported by Bloomberg, will link Australia’s east coast, notably Sydney, with New York and London for a 20-hour, non-stop flight. The plan is to be put into action starting 2025. The plan will involve adding an extra fuel tank to the jets, so that they might be capable of making the journey.

Qantas has an existing 17-hour service from Perth in western Australia to London but this will be the first non-stop from the east coast, Sydney, taking in the 11-000 miles (nearly 18,000 kilometers) in one go–a plan that first took hold, according to The Telegraph in 2017.

These Sydney-London flights, at the moment, take 24-hours as they require a stop for refuelling. Other airlines, such as Emirates, will now need to decide if they take the same steps or continue to carry passengers from Europe to Australia via stops in Doha, Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

In comparison, the longest-route at present is between New York JFK and Singapore, run by Singapore Airlines, which takes 18 hours 50 minutes and covers just over 9,500 miles.

It is understood that seating for the 238 passengers on the Qantas route will be arranged in first, business, premium economy and economy classes and there will be greater legroom onboard to account for the fact that people will spend one whole day on the same airplane. Sky News reported that it will carry far fewer travelers than Qantas’ rivals to make it an appealing proposition and there will be a ‘Wellness Zone’ in the middle, where people can move around, watch screens and eat snacks.

Qantas claimed that Project Sunrise will be carbon neutral from the outset as the planes have 25% less carbon dioxide emissions per seat and less noise.

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