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RAISHAA – Mother-Daughter Duo Shonali and Radhika Datta

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RAISHAA is a social enterprise that empowers artisans by promoting and showcasing their traditional skills in a socially responsible way. we wish to present you with a versatile selection of clothing appropriate for every occasion. From cocktail wear to fusion and prêt, our designers put a modern twist on traditional Indian clothing.

A Mumbai-based brand, RAISHAA was created by a mother-daughter duo to recognize and celebrate local Indian artisans as an integral force in the Indian fashion industry, and to support their craft in light of the pandemic. Indian fashion is a cultural heritage sustained by these craftsmen and our aim is to showcase their expertise in providing high-quality artisanal excellence. With a hope to inculcate sustainability, all clothing is custom made to promote zero waste of fabric and reduction in mass production.


The sun rises as a canopy of gold, bright amid the blue, bidding the stars to take their nightly rest. As darkness surrenders, every colour changes from tinges of charcoal to a vibrancy. Inspired by the hues of the early breaking dawn in traditional Indian prints and embroidery, RAISHAA introduces to you her spring capsule of 2021, Seher.

Seher – Spring Capsule 2021

The Seher capsule collection is a limited edition collection with 3 pieces of each style.


An eternal state of mind. Weightless and beautiful, we relish in it, sing it, love it and above all, manifest it through our creations. An Indo – Western fusion of elegance, extravagance and artisanal excellence encapsulated in embroidery and embellishments, we bring to you a contemporary destination edit.

To promote custom manufacturing and zero waste production, all clothes are produced on a made-to-order basis and are available in all sizes.

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