Relief for your neck – The Week

The neck is a slender structure. The muscles around the neck can easily get tensed, because of long hours of sitting in front of a table. The usage of gadgets promotes head-forward position, leading to fatigue around the neck. Here is a simple technique to provide relief to the neck.


• Take a stability ball of 30cm diameter

• Sit upright on your heels

• Keep the ball in front

• Lie on your chest and hold the ball

• Raise your neck and upper back with the support of your elbows

• Roll the ball towards the neck

• Extend the neck backwards, and position the ball against the chin and the throat

• Slowly release the hands and stretch them sideways

• Press the ball against the chin and extend the neck further

• Stay for about 60 seconds with slow abdominal breathing

• Take the arms up, hold the ball, roll it forward and relax the neck

• Repeat

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