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Review: Urban Puncher by United Plugins

Review: Urban Puncher by United Plugins

United Plugins is a federation of various different plugin development companies. SounDevice Digital, which is a part of the United Plugins federation recently launched a plugin known as the Urban Puncher. Down below is our in-depth review of the vst/au plugin.


With the primary aim of providing a quick punch to your sounds, Urban Puncher is a pretty simple plugin and only has a few controls to fiddle around. The main element of the plugin is the Punch knob. The knob is pretty straightforward as the more you turn on the knob, the more punch you will get. Apart from punch, you also get the option to add saturation to your sounds with the saturation knob. The quality of saturation is pretty standard. In case you want to use this as a distortion effect there is destroy switch next to the saturation knob. When turned on, it adds 3 times more saturation.

Apart from the 3 functions listed above, there is a dry/wet knob, output knob, and an input-output meter. The input-output meter is quite a useful feature as in most saturation/distortion plugins, the user is unable to see how much the saturation effect has affected the volume. There are a total of 10 presets included within the plugin as well to give you an idea of different things you could do with the plugin.


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Urban Puncher VST by United Plugins is currently available at a price of 59 Euros. However, you can grab it for as low as 22$ for a limited time on ADSR Sounds.



The u.s.p of Urban Puncher lies in its simplicity. It’s most suited for helping your drums punch through the mix. However, it can also be applied to your synths, vocals, or any other sound that you want to cut through the mix. We believe it’s a bit expensive catering to some of its competitors that are available at a cheaper rate but overall the quality that you get for the amount is commendable.


Catch Urban Puncher in action down below.



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Image Credits: United Plugins

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