Revolutions – Mark Dan – Medium

Image: Mark Dan & Dall-E

Another spin, another orbit,
Another pass round the galaxy,
Shooting away from each other,
Rotated by another Wonder?

Cycles within cycles,
Interwoven waves,
The Micro to Macro,
Playing the Universal rave,

Cycles are to space,
What waves are to time,
No better place to watch them both
Than our Earthly realm.

Rebels of the past, present Oppressors now crowned,
Sowed their ideology on the fields of misery,
Harvest time nearing, stems of anger having grown,
They reap the seats of power, their true motive initially.

To extinguish the fires of anger they’ve ignited,
They judge and execute those they demoted,
The new ruling Elite scripting the tenets of the order,
Are no better than those they just ousted out of power.

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