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Rules And Regulation Of Motogp Start Procedure 2021


There is no doubt that Motogp level is at an extremely high level with all the new young riders and the lap times are getting closer, as a result, the rules governing the race start are becoming increasingly complicated. Here are the Motogp race start rules and regulations that you should know. coming up!!

sighting Lap

If your favorite rider has a problem during the sighting lap, it can be technical or a crash, they have the time to get back to the pitlane, in the case of Moto 2 and Moto 3 they have only one bike, so he has to able to get back with his bike go to the pitlane and the team will work on their bike, In Motogp they have two bikes the regulation of the bike swap is means that in the sighting lap or in the grid procedure you can change bike. When your rider reaches his team box after the crash, he or she can use the spare bike and should exit the pitlane before the pitlane closes. The rider should then go to your place on the grid. If the pitlane closes, then the rider should start the warm-up lap from the pitlane and proceed to the grid. He must start from the back of the grid, he is not allowed to start from his original position.

If you have a problem on the warm-up lap that is more critical, you must arrive in the grid before the safety car that following all the riders during warm-up lap, if your rider has a small problem in your warm-up and if you could catch up the safety car you can take original grid position.  

Before and after red light

Motogp Red race on light

Just before the start everything is controlled and ready to race, and here is the rule, If a rider has some problem before the red light goes ON, we will send the official to help the rider to push the bike off the grid to the pit and the race starts with an only a few seconds delay. Then when the red light goes OFF the race starts as normal.

If the rider has a technical problem when the red light is ON before the start, (that is approximately 2 seconds before the race starts) so then the race is delayed and announced a delay in start, and the rider who has a technical problem will leave the grid, and all other riders will be accompanied by their team mechanics and make sure that their riders are ok, and the warm-up lap starts and the race distance will be reduced by a lap.

Pit lane start

Recent pit start Pedro Acosta

Starting from pitlane if one rider is starting from a pitlane that is easy for riders and their teams, they just lineup in the pit start, and the pit lane start rider will wait until the other rider pass the pitlane joining line and he waits for the lights and he can do his race from there, if more than one rider doing a pit lane start, Motogp will put them in order as per their qualification results. if the positions are unknown they line up the pit lane according to who comes first. If there is a weather change, and the riders want to swap their bikes, and if there are more than 10 riders for the pit lane start, then the Motogp announces “start delay” and restart the race with a quick start procedure.

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