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Sanjeev Vinodh – Magician, Student, Instructor, and Researcher

close-up magic for startups, Fortune50 companies, and national TV.

Sanjeev Vinodh

Sanjeev is a senior at UC Berkeley studying Linguistics and Cognitive Science. Outside of school, he is a professional close-up magician, avid dancer, and public speaking coach (*nostalgic ex-competitor). Although his interests emerged individually, He found so many connections between them, through teaching a college course on charisma and conversation, or even performing magic in Dothraki (the language from Game of Thrones!).

There’s so much more to me than what’s on here: the quirks, the embarrassments, the stories. And I know it’s the same for you. So instead of stalking and judging, let’s get ice cream!


In 2018: Sanjeev Vinodh taught an undergraduate course on magic at UC Berkeley, where he research how magicians can use linguistics to imply the impossible. While competing in Original Oratory, Sanjeev reached elimination rounds at Berkeley, the CHSSAA State Tournament, and a variety of other local invitationals. Most notably, Sanjeev placed 6th in Original Oratory at the 2018 NSDA National Tournament.

2018 NSDA National Tournament

2019: He performed at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, an exclusive club featuring only the most unique magicians from around the world

2020: He Wrote Lost on Track, my virtual show, and shared it with more than 3,000 people over 6 months

2021: He became the youngest magician to ever fool Penn and Teller on their CW show, Fool Us. Performed alongside David Copperfield and Neil Patrick Harris.

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Sanjeev Vinodh

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