Saskatchewan prepared to send critical COVID-19 patients to Ontario

Spaces at Saskatchewan hospitals are so limited that the province says it is planning on sending some of its critical COVID-19 patients to Ontario.

As of Wednesday, no patients have been transferred out of province.

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But health officials in Saskatchewan say transfers could happen as early as this week.

Saskatchewan is running out of space and staff to care for COVID-19 patients, most who are unvaccinated.

The province has already cancelled all elective surgeries, is placing adults in its children’s hospital, and has redeployed over 160 health-care workers to COVID-19 wards.

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Scott Livingstone, CEO of the Saskatchewan Health Authority, says the province is close to triaging patients because its ICUs are nearing 150 per cent capacity.

That means doctors may soon be choosing who does and who does not get an intensive care bed.

Ottawa has offered help to Saskatchewan, but the province says it has not applied for extra resources.

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