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Seema Singh – The most influential Social entrepreneur, Meghaश्रेय NGO Founder

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Ms. Seema ingh is a prominent social Entrepreneur from Mumbai. and She is the founder of NGO ‘MaghaShery

NGO MeghaShrey’s Seema Singh Owns A Heart Of Gold, Say Her Admirers, When Mumbai-based philanthropist Seema Singh launched her social avatar 15 years ago, she didn’t know that one day she would be rechristened as the lady with “a heart of Gold.” Her only desire while starting the charity work was to make a difference to someone’s life
A Positive Spirit

Since a young age, Seema had this innate desire to make people smile – whether it was through an act of kindness or a little nudge to somebody feeling low. Her cheerful demeanor made her a popular person in her family and friends circle.  In fact, she always desired to bring a positive change in the lives of people around her
Birth of MeghaShrey

Seema founded her NGO in 2000, to serve the mission to improve lives of people who were socio-economically behind. MeghaShrey works with underprivileged children, youth, young women and destitute families. Seema works in areas like children’s education, food donation, women empowerment, etc, She and her team at Meghaश्रेय NGO are woring on their mission to develp a better and brighter future of young India.

Meghaश्रेय NGO during lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has inflicted immense misery and suffering on people. The lockdown has left the migrant laborers, daily-wage earners, and the homeless struggling for essentials like food for survival. they provide Food to those who are worst affected by lockdown, today we have served the meals in Thane, Mumbai.

Meghaश्रेय NGO Providing food

This distribution drive was instrumental in providing food to thousands of underprivileged people across Thane. With Love was happy to have played a little part in this big mission.

We dream to see “A WELL FED WORLD.”

Ms. Seema Singh said

Times most influential personalities 2021 award.

Times most influential personalities 2021 award.

 It has been a great journey working towards the upliftment of society. We are glad that our social work is being recognized as we look forward to working zealously to serve society through our Meghaश्रेय NGO. Let us all continue to build for a better tomorrow for each one of us. Also she added Thank you for all the love and support.

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