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Shama Sikander recalls casting couch experience when producers wanted to be ‘friends’; shares ‘I slipped into depression because of the trauma’

Shama Sikander recently recalled her casting couch experience mentioning there was a time when producers wanted to be ‘friends’ and ask for s*x. While speaking to an online portal, Shama shared that there was a time when producers wanted to be friends with her asking sexual favours.

Speaking more about it, Shama shared that the concept has now changed and young producers are more professional and treat people respectfully. “I feel the whole concept of asking for s*x in return for work is the lowest of low,” she said.

Incidentally, Shama opened up about her traumatic past while speaking to ETimes TV exclusively in a live chat sometime back. She had then shared how her trauma in the initial days of her career made her slip into depression. Recalling that phase, Shama had said, “Those days remind me of my challenges, how difficult life was back then. I wish I knew, I wish I had this wisdom at that time, I could have reduced my challenges. I felt very deeply and I felt my trauma very deeply. I fell into my core and that’s why I fell into depression. I wouldn’t have slipped into depression had I had the wisdom I have today. I saw life only through one perspective at that time. We didn’t have the Internet or that data available. The pain I went through, I don’t want anybody to go through that pain. But all those experiences have made me who I am today.”

Shama got married this year to her longtime boyfriend James Milliron in March.

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