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Solardo drops astonishing remix for Roger Sanchez track ‘Release Yo’Self’

Roger Sanchez – Release Yo’Self (SOLARDO Remix)

Manchester-based duo Solardo has dropped an astonishing remix for Roger Sanchez’s legendary track ‘Release Yo’Self‘ to celebrate the 25 years of Ultra Records with the song that started it all and catapulted the reputation of the mentioned label.

Originally released back in 1996, ‘Release Yo’Self’ quickly became a fan favorite at the time and it was one of the first-ever releases of Ultra Records, founded by Patrick Moxey. Over the years, Ultra has evolved to a major and reputed imprint signing legendary tracks by many of the most popular faces in the dance music scene.

Now, to celebrate its 25th birthday, the label has decided to honor that song by bringing a remix package that will see the light on October 29th. However, we have had the chance to have the first taste with the early remix release by Solardo, one of the hottest acts in the underground scene right now. Asked about this specific remix, the living legend Roger Sanchez, the artist behind the original track, had this to say about it:

“I love what Solardo have done with ‘Release Yo’Self’ – It was the first proper release on Ultra Records, as well as the basis for my Release Yourself radio shows and events and they have brought it up to date with their sound while keeping my original vibe – I’ll be dropping this in one in my sets!” 

Without a doubt, this is a great piece of work and a great way to bring those old-school epic vibes back to the present days with a modern and updated wash-up.

Listen to Roger Sanchez – Release Yo’Self (SOLARDO Remix) below:

Image Credit: Joshua Atkins (via Parklife)

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