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Soundtoys Decapitator Black Friday Sale 2021

Saturation AU/VST Plugin

Decapitator is a trailblazing saturation tool created by Soundtoys which is extensively used by producers to get just the right amount of saturation for their sounds. The plugin heavily resembles the working of an analog counterpart, providing 5 different models to choose from. It also includes support to shape the saturated sound and parallel processing without having to use routing and sub-mixes. Saturation is a crucial part of the mix, and with the credibility of a brand like Soundtoys, Decapitator is deservedly one of the top preferences of the producers at the moment.


Black Friday Deal: Soundtoys Little AlterBoy is currently available at 65% off as part of Soundtoys Black Friday 2021 Sale.

Price: $69 (discounted from $199)


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