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Stage Your Own Fury Road With This Mad Max Auction

Movie car sales are usually a letdown. If you’ve ever stood next to the original Batmobile or Munster Koach, they’re a lot of flash, but without a lot of substance. Some of them barely move on their own. But this auction is different. In fact, we think if you buy something here, you’ll probably get kicked out of your neighborhood, at least if you drive it.

Yes, the cars from Mad Max: Fury Road are up for auction out of Australia, so plan that transport fee when making your bid. All of the big names are represented including the War Rig, the Gigahorse, underpinned by a Cadillac W16 engine, the Pole Car (a Pontiac Surfari with a 20-foot pole counterweight), and of course Max’s new car, the Razor Cola. We haven’t decided if it’s better than the old Ford Interceptor.

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