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“Starlit Saturday” was an absolute Bonkers

“Starlit Saturday” was a fixed capacity event conducted by V5 Event management and Party animals at Extase resto-bar in Ramada plaza. We’ve been waiting long for this to be happening! The motto was the same, To go bonkers and also with safety aspect due to the ongoing global pandemic. The V5 Event management team all set boundaries with social distancing and the face cover so that the guest can have ultimate fun with new social norms. That is the first success. It is hard when you are in charge of 150+ People, but the team has done with textbook precision.

DJ Deepika Photo credits Kali_Slytherin

The set got occupied by three popular DJ Deepika, DJ Santana, and Dj gowtham. When Dj Deepika was warming up the dance floor with her unique Hip-Hop and Rap mix, The guests were starting to enter the club, and the tickets got sold at the rate as much I expected. Friendly faces everywhere humble folks without any temptations. At one point in time, even my Jaw starts hurting because we are all smiling at each othering, goofing, in other words, absolute Joy.

Party got high

Suman Raving on the dance floor Photo credits Kali_Slytherin

It was happening all around the club and, I was confused about where to look at Beautiful Indian girls, pouring Liquor, Awesome music a perfect ambiance for Saturday night. Thou many people dance that night, she (Suman) picks the attention of everybody on the floor. She was energetic with her seamless dance movement. I can argues that ethnography’s many modes (co-performance, interview, observation) evidence how expressive practices integrate into the multiple strata of everyday life, and how these cultural expressions facilitate inventions of new selves and worlds. While popular, improvised and social dances are challenging to study given their ephemerality.

Startlit Saturday Photo credit Kali_Slytherin

We live in an age where women are equal to men, And as a person, myself believe that “Women’s rights are human rights” we are not very far from bringing it into reality. I witnessed this on Starlit Saturday, this is what we need to understand this is the way we need to live our lives, this is what I constructed my movement around with, and how we positively dealt with feminism.

Edited by Kali_Slytherin

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