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Techno is more than a Real Genre Kali_Slytherin

I’m Kalirajan A.k.a Dj Slytherin started playing music professionally back in 2019 and quickly earned a name for myself in the Mumbai DJ scene. Interested in music at a young age and influenced by Electornic, and I developed unique style by experimenting with an acoustic landscape of hooks and innovative mixing methods.

Firtst gig 2019 Trap lounge Mumbai

Instagram: Kali_Slytherin website: Soundcoloud: Kali_slytherin Beatport: Kali_Slytherin

When I am behind my controller in my set, I enjoy my music, “Techno” music has something else that stands out from other music genres, you can feel it. I know that it is hypnotizing. There is a sense of reflection that you can see when you connect with the music, because the expectation is getting higher on the floor, while the expectations are getting higher on the floor, and you drop it.


Like everyone else, I quarantined so that I could listen to my mixes and come up with new ideas, to improve my music standards, to improve the speed of my mixes without overpowering them, and to avoid any rookie mistakes. Through this lockdown period, my music kept me busy and helped me understand my music better, as well as develop my music in my own unique way as a Dj. I feel like my music has improved all around, as a Dj and as a person.

Private gig During lockdown

First single

During the lockdown period I’ve come across vinylmonkeesradio we have go similar music taste, I think the whole project start during 2020, I’ve compossedthis tractk “Valium” with Serato studio ofcourse it took some time for me settle with the application, the same was released on stores with the help of Record Union that was the begining, I start building my Online soundcloud profile, always making a playslist or trying to come up with new Ideas

Valium original mix

DJs have also been affected by Covid-19, so I think this is the time to improve music standards and be ready for the new normal. Now that the situation is improving, party goers are ready to set the floor on fire, I am super excited to play a set. Now I’ve Nine singles and 5 Remix track of my own, If i see back now and take a moment I can able to see and more happy from where I was and where I’m now. I’m focused and seeing ahead because that is the direction everybody is going.

The Repeative echo sound of Thud Thud Thud Thud


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