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Tesla Model 3 Melted Down To Make $5,000 Cell Phone Cover

This ostentatious, and inevitably forgettable piece of work forms part of Caviar’s “Visionaries collection” which was inspired by modern inventors and creators such as Elon Musk. Musk has been lauded for his work at Tesla, but is also well known for his time at PayPal, his erratic outbursts, and his ongoing adventures into space with the SpaceX program.

Caviar was so impressed by this entrepreneur, tech-head and inventor that it melted down parts of one of his own cars, a Tesla Model 3 to create this striking cell phone cover. According to Caviar, the cell phone cover echoes the lines of Tesla cars, and the steel-colored insert is made from the melted body of a Model 3. The cover also features engravings of Musk and the Tesla logo.

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