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Higher love is The Future of Fashion, The Label address to impress – The Label Manasi



Rewind only five years ago, when we had just passed the peak of the fast-fashion explosion. The Label Manasi has gone public, powering up eCommerce with a wide variety of dresses, tops, gowns, adding gasoline to their online growth. The label is a Guwahati-based homegrown fashion brand That produces clothes that reflect who you are. To date, the label has enjoyed making ensembles for the modern woman.

A story “Embrace the grandeur”

The word “MANASI” means synonymous with style. With the brand’s assortment of Melanger, Summer, Resort, Mountain Range, and Capsule Collections, Our customers can discover their own unique identity.

Client expectations are of utmost importance to the brand, and so, every step in the process starts from the initial design sketches. Then I follow the process with the emotion along with the design. I like to explore my emotions to finalize my theme design.

As a brand creative Head, I work closely with the master craftsmen to infuse the theme reflects into every step of the process. No wonder, that Label Manasi has acquired a reputation as one of the “perfect style of Adon”

Global pandemic vs Label Manasi

Furthermore, the fashion context has changed due to the pandemic and remote working. In addition to leisure and hospitality, fashion is hardly unaffected by the economic downturn. Fashion is a dynamic market that has always changed. Hence, I’m fascinated by it. Pushing for better goals challenges me every day. Although Covid-19 has affected the fashion industry, people continue to use fashion as a means to communicate and share their desires. such as designer Face mask and gloves. This market provides me not only with opportunities to develop the brand, but also as an Entrepreneur.

“Your success and happiness lie within you!” My advice to young entrepreneurs is to do what you love and always enjoy the process instead of begrudging it.

Manasi Chhabra

Being a solo owner, I was curious if Manasi have got any plans for her brand future and Target audience?

Label Manasi has an impressive offering of appealing products and distinctive designs. Our current target audience consists largely of young girls and women who are as passionate about fashion as I am. The women who love to challenge themselves and go all out with their sense of clothing and for the modern woman of today. Today, luxury fashion is a fast-growing and well-performing industry, with leading companies recording double-digit growth in recent years.

Considering the label price tag for the product, I was curious to know her thought about luxury fashion ?

She define luxury as something so organic that it makes you feel alive! Fashion is how you express yourself. So, with fashion being a part of the luxury sector, I believe that it’s a great initiative to grow, learn and win! Manasi Chhabra Surmised.

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