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The Mercedes-Maybach Edition 100 Is The Most Luxury S-Class Ever Made

To go along with your purchase, you get a car cover with the double-M badge as well as a “fine handmade case made of soft crystal white or black leather in file size,” so you can store all your important luxury-related documents. Some of Maybach’s partners are expectedly designing things like limited-edition, diamond-studded fountain pens to go with the vehicle.

We don’t have a price yet, but the Mercedes-Maybach S580 costs $184,900. That has a V8. There is also an S680 listed with the V12, but no price is given. If we had to guess, between the inclusion of the V12 and the special Maybach limited-edition provenance, this Edition 100 could be landing at around $250,000, but what’s a few hundred thousand between friends?

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