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This demigoddess statue is one the tallest nude woman statue in India

Yakshi is a 30-foot tall nude statue located in Palakkad district, Malampuzha Gardens, one of the biggest tourist attractions in Kerala. The statue sits in a fierce posture with her hair at the back, her curves bending into the background, her legs stretching forward and wide with her eyes half-opened.


This demigoddess statue is one the tallest nude woman statue in India, especially one that is outside a temple. “There is nothing obscene in her nudity and if people feel so, it is because they are conditioned to see women in that way,” said Kanayi Kunhiraman, the sculptor of the statue.


The statue depicts the beauty of the female body as art; Yakshi is one of India’s finest artwork ever created. It was sculpted by Kanayi Kunhiraman in 1969, at the age of 30, and is now ready to give his best works a makeover. To make it last forever, he wants to cover it with bronze plating, and avoid any damage in the future.


This symbolic sculpture of skillfulness, creativity, and bold expression was made to shock the conventional mindsets of the society, and remove the obscenity with which they perceive women. Yakshi did get a lot of hatred and objections when it was getting built, but now, most of the people cherish this artwork and have made the area a landmark for romance.

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