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This Is When The Cadillac Celestiq Will Debut

Originally, Cadillac planned to reveal the Celestiq this summer, but the reveal has been pushed back multiple times due to the pandemic.

Like the Lyriq, the Celestiq will be underpinned by GM’s flexible modular Ultium platform. Teasers have shown the luxurious cabin will adopt a 2+2 seating layout and Cadillac has confirmed there will be a large display spanning the entire width of the dashboard akin to Mercedes EQS’s Hyperscreen. In the teaser, Cadillac highlighted the Celestiq’s innovative glass roof that allows occupants to individually configure the transparency. Expect the styling to be inspired by the stunning Cadillac Escala concept. As Cadillac’s new flagship, the Celestiq will likely cost around $200,000, but we should find out more details early next year.

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