This Poem Is About Aliens. Someone call the Men in Black | by Melissa | Sep, 2022

Photo by Derpy CG on Pexels.com

The poet

Hieu Minh Nguyen is a queer Vietnamese American poet and performer. He is the author of two poetry collections (Not Here, 2018, and This Way to the Sugar, 2014). His poetry regularly appears in several prestigious publications.

The poem

Probe is a relatively short poem, but it is certainly gripping. It also deals with a theme that I haven’t seen often in poetry: aliens.

Final thoughts

Nguyen is another new poet to me, but one that I will definitely be exploring more after reading this poem. I found Probe a very well-thought out, emotional story, with every well-placed word contributing to the horror, the emotion, the harrowing story of family betrayal.

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