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This Weird Abarth Won The 2021 Audrain Newport Concours

Born on the Track Class B-1: 1959 Porsche RSK Spyder owned by Steve Adler

Born on the Track Class B-2: 1984 Lancia 037 owned by The S&T Collection

Corvette: 1963 Corvette Z06 – owned by Phil Cataldo

Pioneer Race Cars: 1901 Winton Race Car 40 HP – owned by the Larz Anderson Museum

Jaguar E-Type: 1969 XKE S2 – owned by Dennis Mamchur

G-1 Sport: 1932 Auburn Model 8-100 A Speedster – owned by Heritage Museum & Gardens

G-2 Sport: 1956 Porsche Speedster – owned by Stephen Serio

G-3 Sport: 1961 Pontiac Ventura – owned by Jeffrey Goldstein

H-1 History: 1938 Jaguar SS 100 – owned by Wayne Carini

H-2 History: 1965 Iso Rivolta GT – owned John Galley

Veteran: 1910 Winton Model 17 Seven-Passenger Touring – owned by Myron Schuster Collection

L-1 Luxury: 1928 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A SS Lebaron Convertible – owned by Peter Boyle

L-2 Luxury: 1942 Cadillac Model 6207 Sedanette – owned by Steve Cooley

L-3 Luxury: 1961 Ghia L 6.4 Coupe – owned by Mark Hyman

M-1 Luxury Meets Sport: 1937 Delahaye 135M Competition – owned by Myron Schuster Collection

M-2 Luxury Meets Sport: 1953 Abarth Ghia 1100 SS Coupe – owned by Bradley Calkins (Best of Show Winner)

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