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The story of modern Indian fashion 1980, Ensemble is the story of modern Indian fashion, A creative idea before its time that decolonized design, revolutionized retail, pioneered professions and galvanized India’s very first fashion community.

1980 Story of modern Indian fashion

In 2018 Ensemble formed Incubator, an informal in-house internship program for emerging designers to acquire customer insights and retail expertise such as fabric and fit suggestions, merchandising tool and clarity on price point. through out their work with weavers date from 1993 Ensemble loom was formally launched in 2018 to impress of indigenous sari and the craft of weaving, maintaining their relevance in daily life.

1988 India’s First fashion week

Ensemble is an successful online shop and aims to be offering quality over quantity, a refined cross-section of contemporary Indian fashion, from glam occasional wear to sustainable luxe labels of daily life, Ensemble is extremely particular about what will appeal to a broader, younger, global shopper keen on modern Indian style.

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