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November 4, 2021

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Everybody loves shots. Everybody loves Jello. Put them together, and you have a recipe for a night of shenanigans and Bill Cosby impressions. Forget the standard plastic bottle vodka and paper condiment cups, we are taking Jello Shots to another level. Strap in gang, here are Howl at the Moon’s favorite shots.

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5 Great Jello Shot Recipes

1. Watermelon is messy, big and tasty. Take messy and big out of the equation and you have this tiny yet delicious shooter. RECIPE


2. Taste the rainbow. These awesome little guys are, well you guessed it, Rainbow Shots. RECIPE


3. Jimmy BuffeTt would approve these tasty concoctions – Strawberry Margarita Shots. RECIPE


4. Oh you fancy huh? Then we have an elegant shot for your good sir/madame, The Blueberry Martini Shot. RECIPE


5. Just what the doctor ordered, a Jumbo Howl at the Moon Jello Injector Shot! Our trained “nurses” will make sure you have a speedy and tasty recovery. For more cool drink ideas, check out our drinks page!

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