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UIDAI Lists Ways to Prevent Aadhaar Fraud; Here’s How to Stay Protected

Aadhaar Update: The Unique Identification Authority of India, or UIDAI, which is the agency the issues one of the most important ID cards in India — the Aadhaar — has given suggestions to prevent Aadhaar fraud. Aadhaar, the 12-digit unique ID card is one of the most important documents an Indian can possess at present. An Aadhaar card contains vital details of an individual, including his or her date of birth, address and mobile number. Due to this, Aadhaar is more prone to face frauds and scammers often misuse Aadhaar information to commit crimes.

To stay prevented against this, the UIDAI has suggested Aadhaar card holders to always keep their mobile numbers updated with the 12-digit identification number. The centrally backed agency has also notified a simple process of only a few steps to verify if one’s mobile number is linked with Aadhaar or not.

“Always keep your mobile number updated in Aadhaar. If you have any doubt about whether your correct mobile number or email has been linked with Aadhaar, you can verify the same using this link,” the UIDAI said in a tweet last week.

The UIDAI has asked Aadhaar holders to always keep their mobile numbers updated to be save from fraudsters. If someone has a doubt regarding the correctness of their mobile number, they can follow this link to check if the number that is linked with Aadhaar is correct:

How to Verify Aadhaar Mobile Number or Email ID

In case an Aadhaar card holder has any doubt regarding the mobile number and e-mail ID that is linked with their 12-digit number, he or she can use the link provided by the UIDAI to verify this. The step-by-step process is given below:

a. Go to the website and log in there

b. You will see two options — ‘Verify Mobile Number’ and ‘Verify Email Address’. Select according to your requirement

c. You will be required to enter your Aadhaar number first

d. Depending on Step B, enter either your mobile number or e-mail address

e. Enter the Captcha correctly and click on the ‘Send OTP’ option

If the OTP comes on the correct e-mail ID or the mobile number that you use, it means that the information linked with your Aadhaar number is correct, and your mobile number or e-mail ID is linked with the same.

So, just follow these five simple steps to keep yourself protected from Aadhaar frauds, and always keep the advice of the UIDAI in mind.

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