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Unbranded Brewing Company Hialeah Water Main Break

Unbranded Brewing Company has a lot of things going for it: fresh beer, plenty of indoor and outdoor seating in its taproom, and delicious smoked-meat plates from its smokehouse.  What it doesn’t have is a water view.

Until yesterday.

The Hialeah-based brewery posted a photo on Instagram of its partners and friends from Too Turnt Tacos, the food truck that serves food on Tuesdays at the brewery, rowing on “Lake Hialeah,” joking that the facility now has a water feature.

Unbranded’s Lance Aschliman tells New Times that at about 3:45 Tuesday afternoon — right before they were scheduled to open, a contractor working on a project to replace some telephone poles broke a water main with a backhoe. “One of my bartenders called me and said, ‘We have a new lake here,'” Aschliman recounts.

Meanwhile, customers were showing up. “We starting thinking on the fly about what to do,” says Aschliman. The team fashioned a bridge out of wooden pallets for people to safely traverse the waters.

Aschliman estimates that the water is three feet deep or more at the cul de sac adjacent to the brewery but only six inches or so at the entrance to the taproom.

The brewers decided to make the best of things by opening the brewery and “going fishing” in the new lake.

“This partnership is only available for the duration of our brand new Unbranded Bay, courtesy of a worker that broke through a main water line. BOOK YOUR TRIP TODAY AND DON’T MISS OUT! Call our taproom for more information,” reads the Instagram post.

Asked why they happened to have a boat on the premises in Hialeah, Aschliman says the guys from Too Turnt Tacos had asked to store a few things at the taproom, including a small boat. “It just happened to be here, so we took it out for a ride.”

Kidding aside, Aschliman says his team has been in contact with the City of Hialeah and Miami-Dade County to repair the break. “We’ve been talking to them all afternoon,” he reports. “I think there’s some confusion on how to turn this off. They’re still trying to resolve the situation.”

For now, Unbranded is planning to open today at 4 p.m. as long as there’s no danger. Look for updates on Instagram.

Scuba gear is optional.

Unbranded Brewing Company. 1395 E. 11th Ave., Hialeah; 786-332-3097;

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