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Universal Music Group teams up with virtual avatar company, Genies

Universal Music Group teams up with virtual avatar company, Genies

With the metaverse continuing to grow and more people beginning to invest in NFTs, especially music artists, the door has fully swung open for opportunities inside the digital world. The latest comes from Universal Music Group, as they recently partnered with Genies, an avatar tech company, that will give more artists and fans to connect on a new level.

The idea is for artists under Universal Music Group to grow an entire brand and interact with fans within a virtual realm by giving the artists a virtual identity. Along with that comes the opportunity for fans to collect exclusive wearables designed by the artists so that they can show them off on their own avatars.

According to a UMG press release “the agreement builds on earlier collaborations to create virtual identities for some of the world’s most influential and successful recording artists including Justin Bieber (Def Jam), J Balvin (Republic), Rihanna (RocNation), Shawn Mendes (Island) and Migos (Quality Control/Motown), among many others.”

“We’re not bringing culture to NFTs and crypto. Genies and UMG together are bringing the power of NFTs and crypto to culture. This next era of the internet is about empowering people with more ownership and capabilities. UMG’s roster of talent represents some of the world’s most entrepreneurial pioneers, and by equipping these iconic artists with their own Genie avatars, we’re excited to help them realize even more potential in Web 3.0.” – Akash Nigam, CEO of Genies, Press Release

Image Credit: UMG/Genies

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