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Venetian’s Cocktail Collective began its Las Vegas journey five years ago

This month marks five years of fun at the Dorsey, the stellar lounge at Venetian that began to chart a different course for Strip nightlife.

A fresh alternative to Vegas casino megaclubs, it offered ultralounge energy and a refined atmosphere, while staying true to a unique mantra: Cocktails can be the centerpiece of a big nightlife experience.

The Dorsey’s success evolved into what is now known as the Cocktail Collective. It includes the Champagne-inspired Rosina and the exuberant Electra Cocktail Club, both located on the Palazzo side of the property.

“Living in Vegas for a long time, the nightlife experience has really been about the megaclubs and focused along those lines. There wasn’t a focus on cocktails [at clubs],” says Electra lead bartender Daniel Yang, who has worked at all three venues. He started as a busser at the Dorsey without plans to make a career in cocktailing. “It was always craft or volume, and you couldn’t have both. When they found a way to marry the two with this amazing experience and still cater to a larger group, that really led me to [think], this is what I want to do.”

Each bar has its own vibe and specialty cocktail menu, and the Collective has been able to accomplish two rare feats when it comes to the Strip: Each venue pushes guests to visit the other two, and all of them attract an impressive number of locals. It shows the power of a great drink.

“A big part of our appeal is offering those three different personas and that ability to really bar hop from one to another,” Yang says. “For me, it’s awesome to shift from the smaller, more intimate space at Rosina, which is constantly focused on a bespoke cocktail experience, to Electra, which is all about high energy, people dancing and having fun and enjoying different styles of cocktails.”

Yang says the Collective sees itself as a leader of cocktail culture on the Strip, and that means constant innovation is required. Each bar always offers something new while maintaining the classics and favorites regulars have come to expect and focusing on service and personal attention.

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