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Watch The Cadillac Lyriq Face Its Toughest Challenge Yet

This is part of the vehicle’s accelerated launch, helped by virtual development and parallel processes during Covid times, but now it’s at the physical phase where it needs to be tested in use cases like freeways, rural and urban driving scenarios, and of course at low temperatures. It’s also feeling out the ride, which benefits from the Lyriq’s Ultium batteries in the floor.

“Lyriq has exceptional torsional stiffness,” said Todd Bruder, lead development engineer. “As a result, we were able to dial in exceptional responsiveness in the steering and suspension systems while simultaneously elevating the brand’s signature feeling of comfort to an entirely new plateau.”

It has a five-link suspension setup, front and rear. That allows for independent tuning of the suspension bushings, which improve ride and handling. The new frequency-dependent dampers can also “see” the difference between large and small impacts, softening and smoothing the ride even further.

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