What Are the Best Industries for Digital Signage?

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Digital signage is quickly becoming a mainstay in many industries. The interactive and engaging nature of digital displays makes them incredibly versatile.

Virtually every industry can benefit from digital signage in some way, but some will see more benefits and uses than others will.

What Is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a type of electronic signage that uses digital displays to present images, videos, menus, text, and other information. These displays use technologies such as LED, projection, LCD, and e-paper. They work with the top digital signage software to provide information and imagery.

Digital signage can be used in virtually every industry, but some of the best industries for digital displays include:


In hospitals and healthcare facilities, digital signage can be especially beneficial for:


Hospitals and large healthcare facilities have many hallways and units, which can be complicated to navigate without some help.

Digital wayfinding signs can easily guide patients, staff, and visitors. In addition, if necessary, these signs can easily be updated and altered if hallways and units change over time.

Communication to Employees

Digital signs can also be placed in employee lounges and break rooms to:

  • Remind staff of policy updates or events
  • Recognize employees for outstanding performance and service
  • Provide motivational messages and thank staff for their hard work

Communication is essential to ensure that employees feel valued.

Patient Education

Digital signs can be used to provide patients with important information about screenings, vaccines, safety tips, and more. These signs can be placed in waiting areas where patients are more likely to see them.

Temporary Alerts

Hospitals and healthcare facilities can use digital signs to inform patients and visitors of restrictions, holiday hours, new wayfinding routes, and steps to take during an emergency.


At hospital cafeterias, digital signs are ideal for displaying menus. When menu items change, the sign can easily be updated with minimal downtime or effort.


In restaurants, digital sings signs can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Displaying your menu. Signs can easily be updated as your menu items change.
  • Ordering food. In fast-casual restaurants, customers can place an order right through the sign.
  • Upselling products. Showcase your desserts and exotic menu items that will entice customers to order them.
  • Display deals. Share your promotions and discounts through a digital sign that is easily visible.
  • Create a social media wall with curated and customized food content from social media.


In the retail sector, digital signage can be invaluable. Shops can use digital signs in many ways, including:

  • Wayfinding. Use digital displays to tell customers where to go to get what they need.
  • Promotions and discounts. Let shoppers know about ongoing discounts and promotions through vibrant digital displays.
  • Educating customers on new products. Showcase videos that provide more information on products and how to use them.
  • Building brand awareness. Displaying digital signs incorporating the brand’s logo and name will reinforce brand recall and help build brand awareness.


Digital signs can be used in schools for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Wayfinding. Help students and visitors find their way through the campus with digital signs that can easily be updated when things change.
  • Cafeteria menu boards. They make it easy for students, staff, and visitors to choose what they want to order.
  • Motivating students with inspiring messages.
  • Displaying upcoming classes and events.
  • Creating social media walls with mentions, hashtags, and more.


In the entertainment industry, digital signage is right at home. Vibrant, interactive and engaging displays can help deliver immersive experiences that people will not soon forget.

At entertainment venues, digital signs can be used for:

  • Digital menu boards. For theaters, concession stands, and food kiosks, digital signs make it easy to display menus. Prices and food items can be updated as needed.
  • Video walls. Create walls of video to keep people entertained as they wait.
  • Wayfinding. Help people find their way to their destination with digital wayfinding signs.
  • Advertisements. Digital signs can be used to display advertisements for films, products, and other services at entertainment venues.
  • Welcome signs. Welcome people with engaging digital signage.


Of course, the advertising industry is an obvious choice for digital signage. Advertising firms can use digital displays to promote their own businesses, and they can include digital signage in their marketing services.

Digital signage can be used to improve:

  • Engagement
  • Brand awareness
  • Customer satisfaction

For clients, digital signage that uses a cloud-based solution will allow you to manage your content remotely and in real-time. This ensures that each client’s content is always fresh, dynamic and relevant.

Advertising and marketing firms that want to stay ahead of the competition will incorporate digital displays into their advertising solutions. Early adoption of this technology ensures that you will meet client demands now and in the future.


An enterprise can use digital signage in many ways — for advertising, welcome signs, and even giving directions. When an enterprise operates large office buildings or multiple subsidiaries under one brand, each of these entities can benefit from signage.

Signage can be used for:

  • Waypoints
  • Welcoming guests
  • News and events
  • Brand awareness
  • So much more

Depending on the industry the enterprise is in, it may be able to use signage for upselling products or cross-selling items across brands.


Digital signage is here to stay, and the industries above stand to gain the most benefits and use from this technology. From advertising to menu displays and wayfinding, businesses and healthcare services can use digital signage to improve engagement and the overall customer experience.

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