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When Shilpa Shinde made headlines for refusing to work with Sunil Grover, accusing ex-boyfriend of violent behaviour and more

Shilpa, who was set to tie the knot in 2009, broke her engagement with Romit Raj and accused him of being ‘too calculative and dominating’. In her recent interview with BT, Shilpa said, “Romit and I were engaged a long time ago and I was very young at that point. I didn’t want to settle down at that time, but everyone around me felt it was the right age to get married. Subsequently, things didn’t work out between Romit and me, and the relationship fell apart. After my engagement broke off, I did get into another relationship, but that was a very bad experience. Maine apne kaan pakad liye that I would steer away from relationships. I’ve realised that I am happy being single. I can’t be answerable to anyone. When I am working, and if someone asks me where I am going or what I am doing, I can’t keep answering him.”

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